INF 2176 Information Management in Organizations: Models and Platforms


The recommended texts for the course are:

Choo, C.W. 2006. The Knowing Organization: How Organizations Use Information to Construct Meaning, Create Knowledge, and Make Decisions. Second Edition. New York: Oxford University Press.
HD30.3 .C46 2006 (2 hour loan)
Full text available from Oxford Scholarship Online.
Choo, C.W., Brian Detlor, and Don Turnbull. 2000. Web Work: Information Seeking and Knowledge Work on the Web. Boston, MA: Kluwer Academic Press.
ZA4201 .C46 2000 (2 hour loan)
The full list of readings follows:

Ackerman, M., Pipek, V., & Wulf, V. (Eds.). 2003. Sharing Expertise: Beyond Knowledge Management. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
HD30.2 .S53 2003 (2 hour loan)
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Choo, C.W. 2016. The Inquiring Organization: How Organizations Acquire Knowledge and Seek Information. New York: Oxford University Press.
HD58.82 .C466 2016X (2 hour loan) (Robarts Library), or access full text online in Oxford Scholarship Online.
Choo, C. W. 2013. Information culture and organizational effectiveness. International Journal of Information Management, 33(5), 775-779. [PDF]
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HD30.213 .C46 2001 (2 hour loan)

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HD30.2 .S77 2002 (2 hour loan) || Link to e-Book
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HD30.37 .C65 2003 (2 hour loan)
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HD30.2 .D35 2011 (2 hour loan)
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T58.64 .M37 2000 (2 hour loan)
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HF5548.2 .D38 1997 (2 hour loan) || Link to e-Book
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HD58.82 .D38 1998 (2 hour loan) || Link to e-Book
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HD30.37 .D48 2004 (2 hour loan)
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HD58.82 .D59 2000 || Link to e-Book
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HD30.37 .F57 (Robarts)
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HD30.23 .G373 2012Y (Robarts)
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TK5105.888 .L96 2001 (2 day loan) || Book available on the Web
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306.42 R438R (Downsview) || Link to e-book.
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3rd edition: TK5105.888 .R67 2007 (2 hour loan)
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Also by same author: Designing Intranets: Creating Sites That Work (2010)
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