Information Management for the Intelligent Organization

The Art of Scanning the Environment

Chun Wei Choo

ASIS Monographs Series

Learned Information, Inc.

Medford, NJ

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Intelligent Organization

    Organizations and Environments

    Organizational Information Processing

    The Intelligent Organization

    Intelligence Through Organizational Learning

    Building the Intelligent Learning Organization

Chapter 2. A Process Model of Information Management

    Information Needs

    Information Acquisition

    Information Organization and Storage

    Information Products and Services

    Information Distribution

    Information Use


Chapter 3. Managers As Information Users

    Management as Conversations

    Managers as Information Users

    Implications for Information Management

    Research on Managers as Information Users

    The Politics of Information Sharing

    Managerial Information Processing and Organizational Learning

Chapter 4. Environmental Scanning as Strategic Organizational Learning

    From Competitor Intelligence to Social Intelligence

    Competitive Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Social Intelligence

    Environmental Scanning and Organizational Learning

    Research on Environmental Scanning

    Situational Dimensions: Perceived Environmental Uncertainty

    Organizational Strategies

    Managerial Traits

    Information Needs: Focus of Environmental Scanning

    Information Seeking (1): Source Use and Preferences

    Information Seeking (2): Scanning Methods

    Information Use


Chapter 5. Environmental Scanning in Action

    Perspectives from Neurobiology

    Environmental Scanning in Action in US Corporations

    Environmental Scanning in UK Corporations

    Environmental Scanning in Swedish Corporations

    Environmental Scanning in Japanese Corporations

    Scanning for Future Learning

    Close-up View of Five Canadian CEOs

    Designing an Environmental Scanning System

Chapter 6. Managing Information Sources

    Managing an Information Ecology for Scanning the Environment

    Selection and Use of Information Sources

    Perceived Source Characteristics

    Information traits

    Information Richness

    Human Sources

    Textual Sources

Chapter 7. The Internet and Online Databases: Scanning on the Information Highway

    Online Databases

    Internet Resources and Services

    Knowledge Sharing Tools

    Knowledge Retrieval Tools

    Business Intelligence on the Internet

    Using the Internet for Organizational Learning

Chapter 8. Learning to be Intelligent

    The Intelligent Organization

    Information Management

    Understanding Environmental Scanning

    Designing an Effective Scanning System

    Looking Ahead

    Information Partnerships for the Intelligent Organization

    New Ways of Organizational Learning and Understanding the Future

    Scenario Planning

    Systems Thinking

    The Science of Complexity

    The New Dynamics of Competition



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