Organizational Learning and Cognition

A selection of web-based resources on organizational learning, organizational cognition, information management, knowledge management, environment scanning, and scenario planning.

The assistance of Nalini Singh, Information Services Librarian of the FIS Inforum, in maintaining this page is gratefully acknowledged.

Presentations and Workshops

A selection of Powerpoint presentations used in recent talks:

A selection of web pages created for recent workshops:

Recommended Web Sites

Academy of Management Online
Age of Heretics: Art Kleiner's home page
American Productivity & Quality Center: Knowledge Management Page
Accenture's Outlook Magazine
Brint's Page on KM and Organizational Learning
Business Transformation Book Cafe (Vision Nest Publishing)
Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914)
Collaborative Strategies, consultant with many resources and publications online
CIO Magazine: Knowledge Management Research Center
David Skyrme Associates' Knowledge Connections

Delphi Group: Resources on Knowledge Management
Ernst & Young Knowledge Centers
The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook
International Knowledge Management Network (Netherlands)
Journal of Memetics - Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission

Karl Sveiby's Knowledge Management Site
Knowledge Research Institute, led by Karl Wiig
KNOW Network,
Knowledge Management Resources, from Melcrum Online
Knowledge Management Resource Center
Knowledge Management Magazine, from Learned Information in the UK
Knowledge Management Magazine, (US magazine, first issue October 1998)
KM World Magazine
Knowledge Ecology Fair 98
Knowledge Inc
Knowledge Management Forum
Knowledge Media Design Institute, University of Toronto
Knowledge Media Institute, Open University (UK)
KPMG Knowledge Management

International Conference on Organizational Learning, see also associated set of links and resources
Learning Histories (Reflection Learning Associates)
Learning Organization Discussion Pages (Rick Karash)
The Official Intellectual Capital Home Page
MIS Quarterly Central
Santa Fe Institute Research Update
Society for Organizational Learning (SOL)
Simon Buckingham Shum's Home Page
Strategy & Business Quarterly, from Booz Allen & Hamilton
Skandia Intellectual Capital Links
Skandia's Dolphin Navigator System
Tavistock Institute
The Thinking Page

COGNET: Academy of Management Managerial and Organizational Cognition mailing list
George Mason University: Progam on Social and Organizational Learning
McMaster University: World Congress on the Management of Intellectual Capital
University of Colorada at Denver, School of Education: Martin Ryder's resources on Organizational Learning and KM
University of Colorado at Boulder: Kai Larsen's Learning Organization Resources
Larsen's Summary of "On Organizational Learning" by Chris Argyris
University of Amsterdam's PrimaVera Program
London Business School: Centre for Research in Info Mgm
University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business faculty page
Prof. Rhonda Reger's Doctoral Seminar on Cognition in Strategic Management
University of Stanford: Stanford Learning Organization Web (SLOW)
University of Toronto, Faculty of Information Studies: Knowledge Management Initiatives

Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning Resources, maintained by Martin Borjesson
The Shell Scenarios: Storying Corporate Futures
Scenarios, Strategies and the Strategy Process, by Kees van der Heijden
NCRI Home Page
Global Business Network Home Page

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last updated October 4,  2001