Knowledge Management:
Strategies and Tools

March 17-18, 1998 (2 days)

Scope and Objectives

The seminar presents a balanced synthesis of the state of our understanding about effective knowledge mangement strategies, practices and technologies.

The seminar:

  • discusses the nature and types of organizational knowledge;

  • surveys innovative practices in leveraging organizational knowledge by organisations in North America, Europe and Asia;

  • examines strategies for managing knowledge-creating processes;

  • provides an overview of technologies for knowledge sharing, and knowledge organization;

  • introduces the Intranet as a platform for knowledge management.


Dr Choo Chun Wei is a professor at the Faculty of Information Studies in the University of Toronto. He is the author of three recent books on information and knowledge management: Information Management for the Intelligent Organisation (Learned Information 1995, 2nd edition 1998), Managing Information for the Competitive Edge (Neal-Schuman 1997), and The Knowing Organisation (Oxford University Press 1998). He is presently working on the World Wide Web: Augmenting Organisational Intelligence through Intranets, which is soon to be published by Elsevier-Kluwer. At the University of Toronto, Dr Choo conducts courses in information management, intranet design, online information retrieval and organisational decision making. He also teaches knowledge management at the University of Amsterdam and environment scanning at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Lecture Slides

How Organizations Create Knowledge

Types of Organizational Knowledge

Knowledge Conversion

Case Analysis: Management Consulting Practice

Knowledge Building

Knowledge Linking

Comparison of Knowledge Creating Models

Conditions Promoting Knowledge Creation

    Case: Innovation at 3M

Enabling Knowledge:
The Strategic Context of Knowledge Management

Three Modes of Organizational Information Use

Organizational Knowing Cycle

Organizational Knowing Cycle (2)

Tensions in Organizational Knowing

Sensemaking Recipe

Organizational Decision Models

Information Seeking and Use in Decision Making

Nature of Organizational Knowing

Modes of Organizational Information Use (1)

Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques

Site Visit: Knowledge Management at Teltech

Site Visit: Knowledge Management at Ernst & Young

Site Visit: Learning Histories

Supporting Sensemaking: The Spider System

Knowledge Management on the GrapeVine

Site Visit: Webflow's Document-centered collaboration

Group Decision Support Systems' Questmap

Site Visit: Ventana's GroupSystems Tour

Knowledge Management Processes

An IT Industry View of a Knowledge Management System Architecture

Site Visit: Intraspect's Group Memory

Intranet Overview

Advantages of Intranets

Disadvantages of Intranets

Intranet as Shared Information Workspace

Intranet as Content Space

Intranet as Communication Space

Intranet as Collaboration Space

Popular Intranet Applications

Site Visit: Communities of Practice at National Semiconductor

Case Study (1): BP's Virtual Team Network

Case Study (2): Virtual Teamwork at BP (E&Y)

Additional Resources

A compilation of resources for designing, managing, and using the Intranet as a knowledge management platform.

A compilation of resources on knowledge management and information management.